Looking for a better way to do topsoil on your construction sites?

Apply now for a free soil audit. We'll visit your site, test your soil and develop a game plan for recycling your topsoil into a premium quality product for around half the cost of imported topsoil.
As a Landscaper, you know that there is a lot more to soil than simply spreading out what was there before, dosing with fertiliser and praying it will grow… but sometimes your clients need a little help to see the benefits of what you’re proposing.

We’ve teamed up with some of southeast Queensland’s leading topsoil specialists and labs to offer a limited number of FREE SOIL AUDITS for clients and potential clients who have soil onsite which could be tested and ameliorated for reuse. The audit will include AS4419 testing of one sample in an accredited laboratory, a visit to your site by a soil scientist who can translate recommendations into plain English, and a soil test report and amelioration recommendations using locally available products (we do not recommend proprietary products).

We believe that topsoil is a resource and that testing and ameliorating soil native to the site to create a specification topsoil or a custom blend based on the outcome you are looking to achieve is a better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly option.
Complete the form to see if you qualify for FREE SOIL TESTING.
We look forward to helping you save money while doing the right thing for the environment.
Last year we saved our clients almost $5 million, took around 30,000 truckloads off local roads and diverted almost half a million cubic metres of waste from landfill.

Here’s what you will get from your Soils Audit:

  • Technical advice: A qualified soil scientist and horticulturalist will visit your site to take a sample of soil and discuss your plans.
  • AS4419 soil test: The soil sample will be tested to AS4419 specification in a NATA and ASPAC accredited laboratory.
  • Amelioration recommendations: A soil test result with plain English recommendations.
  • Local ameliorants: Our promise that all ameliorants can be sourced locally with no recommendation of proprietary products.
  • Cost savings: The ability to produce quality recycled topsoil on your site for around half the cost of imported topsoil.