Equipped and Ready

SoilCyclers (previously Brisbane Screening) is a family owned and operated business based in Brisbane but working on construction, waste and mine sites across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and the Northern Territory. We own and operate some of the largest road-registered mobile trommel screens available for general hire in Australia. Last year, we recycled almost half a million cubic metres of soil, making us the largest soil recycler in Queensland. Our team works with a range of large clients from major construction companies including councils, state government, developers, mine sites and waste management businesses on jobs anywhere from 400m3 to 400,000m3+.

Our team has full environmental permits allowing us to screen at any site in Queensland without delay. In fact, our new Doppstadt trommel screen is quiet enough to operate in metropolitan areas, creating less dust than most trucks. We have full OH&S policies, work methods statements and fully maintained machinery suitable for large construction and mining sites. With an accident and injury free record, we’re equipped and ready to do the ‘impossible’ jobs that other screening providers cannot.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest oversize or wastage rate of any local screening provider. Not all machinery is created equal and when it comes to screening we are very confident that our experienced staff and some of the best machinery in the business can keep oversize on your job to a minimum. On jobs where you may be short of topsoil, or where you are paying to dispose of waste, this guarantee can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for your project. 

After Care

We also guarantee our topsoil. If we manage the entire soil recycling process from testing through to sourcing and incorporating ameliorants and follow up testing, we guarantee grass or plants will grow in our topsoil. If you do not have success with our topsoil our consultants will work with you for free to identify the issue and help you fix it.

Quality, Safety and Environment

No matter whether the job is big or small, we gain sales and retain our customers based on the quality and reliability of our services. We have an outstanding environmental record and manage our operations in a way that protects the environment, the safety of our staff and the wider public.


The SoilCyclers team is regularly recognised by independent industry associations, trade publications and government. Our awards track record demonstrates our commitment to achievement and innovation for both our clients and our people.