Do you have unsuitable materials on your construction, waste or mining site? Do you need to grow grass or trees but have no topsoil? We are specialists in mobile soil sieving, blending, amelioration, remediation and decontamination. We bring machinery to your site and turn unsuitable materials into topsoil that we guarantee will grow, increase compactibility of soil, make topsoil to a specification (e.g. AS4419, MRTS16 or R178), or develop a custom blended topsoil that reduces water usage on your site, reduces your ongoing maintenance requirements or creates the ideal environment for an endangered plant or animal. We can also remediate soils through aeration, sieving, and blending including asbestos contaminated soils, acid sulfate soils and PFAS or PFOS contaminated soils. 

Our clients are from the construction, waste and mining industries. Our sites range from enormous infrastructure projects that run over multiple years to small townhouse developments where we are in and out within a day. We are based on the northside of Brisbane, but our mobile trommel screening plants regularly travel within five hours of Brisbane including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Dalby, Northern New South Wales, Mackay and Gladstone. We also do interstate projects in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and throughout New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and the Northern Territory where we can offer a cost effective solution.

Some of the projects we specialise in include:
  • Topsoil amelioration and recycling for highway projects and developers
  • Clean up and sorting of illegal tip sites including waste reduction, sorting and recycling rubble and construction waste
  • Creation of top quality usable products such as topsoil from otherwise unusable soils and waste
  • Removing non-friable asbestos or ordnance from soil
  • Separating construction and demolition waste from soil to reduce disposal costs or create clean streams of waste for recycling
  • Accurately mixing lime with large volumes of acid sulfate soils (10,000m3+)
  • Immobilising PFAS in soil so it can be safely reused onsite or disposed of in landfill
  • Soil decontamination via sieving, aeration and mixing or blending materials
  • Screening, sieving and amelioration of wet soils including clay based soils
Times are changing and traditional methods of exporting unsuitable material and importing materials are no longer the best solution for your project, your bottom line or the environment. Doing this adds unnecessary disposal costs and increases the risk of contaminated materials being introduced to your site. For our waste and recycling industry clients, airspace and transport logistics are no longer the only business consideration. Waste is a resource and can often be safely turned into reusable and saleable products by specialist materials processors like us. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and work with other contractors to get jobs done on time and under budget. If we take on your job it's because we believe we're the best solution for your problem. If we're not, we'll recommend someone else.

We believe our machinery and operators are some of the best in the business. We guarantee the lowest oversize rate, and we can also provide you with guaranteed growth topsoil.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and a no obligation quote on any project, big or small. We look forward to working with you soon!

From the first time we called SoilCyclers we were impressed with their customer service.

Sarah sent a representative to site assisting us in the setup of the project as we were new to using this kind of equipment. Everything was managed so efficiently and professionally from start to finish concluding within budget.

We highly recommend SoilCyclers to anyone looking for this kind of service. Looking forward to doing more business with SoilCyclers in the near future.

Ross Ricca Business Development Manager for Eagle Alliance Earthmoving Pty Ltd