SoilCyclers specialises in mobile screening, soil recycling, amelioration, soil decontamination and waste reduction for the construction, waste and mining industries.

We are based on the northside of Brisbane, but our mobile trommel screening plants travel anywhere within five hours of Brisbane including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Dalby, Northern New South Wales and Gladstone. We also do interstate projects for some of our regular clients.

Some of the projects we specialise in include:
- Reorganisation of tips, waste reduction, sorting and recycling rubble and construction waste
- Creation of top quality usable products such as topsoil and sand from otherwise unusable soils and waste
- Soil decontamination, e.g. removing asbestos from soil, removing ordnance from soil, treating acid sulphate soils
- Screening wet materials including clay based soils
- Screening in tight spaces

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with clients and their subcontractors to get jobs done on time and under budget.

We believe our quality is second to none and our prices are some of the best in the industry.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and a no obligation quote on any project, big or small. We look forward to working with you soon!


  • We have just recently discovered SoilCyclers, and had the privilege of being able to utilise their services on our larger main roads projects.

    Their vast knowledge in their field means that they have have been able to save our projects money by offering quality information and producing more yield than other contractors.  

    Dave Miller Senior Estimator, Topgun Landscaping

  • Mobile Recycling
  • AS4419 & MRTS16 topsoils
  • Amelioration
  • Soil Decontamination
  • Soil Remediation
  • Waste Reduction
SoilCyclers specialises in mobile recycling for the construction, waste management and mining industries using mobile trommel screens. We travel to you and recycle on your site, reducing the cost of transporting waste and importing materials that you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Screening is the sifting or sieving of various materials, including dirt and construction rubble, drain sludge, compost, gravel or sand, to reduce or decontaminate waste and create useable, even saleable products.

Our trommel screens are some of the largest available for general hire in Australia. We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality of our end product.
Do you need AS4419, MRTS16 or another specification topsoil for your project? We can make it onsite using recycled site soil—And for typically less than half the cost of imported topsoil!

Now, with our mobile trommel screening plant, onsite soil recycling is within reach of every southeast Queensland job site.
One advantage of the rotating action of the trommel is screening and ameliorating (adding mix-ins) at the same time, avoiding double handling. We also deal with clay soils, wet and bulky materials.

Our expert soil scientists (or your own, if preferred) can recommend ameliorants and ratios to improve your site to AS4419 or MRTS16 standard, or create superior custom blends suitable for the plantings on your site.

Reusing existing soil means fewer trucks on local roads carting away waste and bringing back imported topsoils, less change to the eco-system on your site and significant savings. This video has more information on amelioration using a trommel screen:

Soil Testing

The first step in this process is soil testing in which a sample of your soil is sent away for evaluation. The soil scientist should ask you about your budget and what you are trying to achieve with the soil.

For example, planting native grasses on a batter beside a highway requires different soil than growing grass on a sports field or a vertical garden on a highrise building.

You can achieve almost anything with ameliorated topsoil, but if you want to turn a hessian bag into a silk purse you need to be prepared to pay for ameliorants.

Soil testing and amelioration recommendations usually cost less than $500, giving you the option to pursue or think it over.

The soil scientist provides you with test results and amelioration recommendations around 7-10 days after testing. There is no obligation to proceed past this point. If we can’t achieve your vision within your budget, we won’t proceed with the job.


After reviewing the soil report, we will prepare a proposal including our screening recommendations and the cost of ameliorants for your job.

Screening generally costs between $4 and $8 per m3 depending on the materials being screened, the complexity of the custom blend, the screen size and the quantity required.

We are cost effective for quantities anywhere between 300m3 and 300,000m3 and supply ameliorants for an additional cost if desired.

Final Steps

When it comes to being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, amelioration of existing site soils is your best option. Our advice is free, so give us a call on 1300 748 388 for more information.

Our lead-time could be as little as two days or two months depending on the time of year, so the more notice you give us, the better.
Are you dealing with soil contaminated with asbestos? Or maybe you’re looking to screen and reuse ordnance mounds?

In addition to our work in soil recycling and waste reduction, we’ve made modifications to our machinery to work with contaminated soils.

Worst Case Scenario = Happy Ending

Imagine digging the foundations for your housing development to find the site was used as a tip 20 years previously and contains asbestos? This was a reality for one of our clients.

Working in conjunction with asbestos experts and air monitoring technology, we screened the contaminated waste, separating the asbestos from the soil.

After testing, our client was able to put the soil back into the ground and paid only to dispose of the contaminated waste.

Considering the nearest asbestos disposal facility was a 2.5 hour round trip away, only having to pay to disposal fees saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another client issued with an EPA clean up order needed help to clean up soil contaminated with plastic.

We separated the soil from the plastic with a yield of over 90% and during the process also separated metal, concrete and timber for recycling.

Turning major problems into viable solutions is just part of what we do!

Get In Touch

If you’ve discovered soil contaminated with asbestos, plastic, C&D rubble or ordnance on your site, call us on 1300 748 388.

We’ll introduce you to our asbestos consultants or work with your existing asbestos disposal consultants to remove and dispose of waste at an affordable price.
In addition to making quality custom blend topsoils, SoilCyclers undertakes onsite soil remediation and contaminated site remediation to fix problem soils, including soil contaminated with asbestos, ordnance, plastic, C&D rubble and acid sulphate soil.

Our ability to aerate, separate, mix and deal with wet and sticky materials means our mobile trommel screens can fix various soil remediation issues on your site without transporting contaminated soil away or paying to import replacement soil.

This offers huge savings to our clients willing to consider innovative onsite soil treatments.

If you have a problem, we’ll work with one of your soil scientists or one of our experts to provide you with a tailored, mobile, onsite treatment solution.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of our soil remediation jobs, many of our clients have requested that photos are not published on our web site. For videos and photos of jobs similar to yours, please phone us on 1300 748 388.
Screening using a trommel screen is perfect for waste reduction applications.

Our top of the line recycling technology combined with our experienced operators and full OH&S and environmental permits means we can operate on any site in Queensland without delays.

The rotating action of our trommel screen guarantees the lowest possible wastage or oversize rate, meaning less disposal costs for you.

Some of the waste reduction jobs we undertake include:
  • Converting 100,000m3 of soil contaminated with plastics into 90,000m3 of soil – tested and approved for reuse onsite (total saving more than $1.5 million)
  • Separating asbestos and other C&D rubble from 30,000m3 of soil leaving the client to pay a fraction of disposal costs (total savings of $1 million+)
  • Separating road base from bitumen so it can be recycled and reused onsite (total saving of $7000 with one day’s work)
This video shows our capabilities on small-scale bitumen scalpings and road base waste reduction jobs: