SoilCyclers features in Courier Mail ‘Eco-Friendly Businesses’ spotlight

SoilCyclers Managing Director Alison Price was featured in the Courier Mail’s spotlight on Queensland’s eco-friendly businesses.

“You’re doing the right thing for the environment by not dramatically changing the local ecosystem, by not wasting the existing topsoil,” Alison said.

“Imagine working with the topsoil on a major highway project – it can include all kinds of rubbish, shopping trolleys, a number of things which we can remove without it all just going straight to landfill.

“So we’re taking the rubbish out of the soil, aerating it, and ultimately the client ends up with a good quality product which is equal to, or better than, an imported topsoil product.

“I do think I have the dream job – I get to save my clients money, and I get to do something which helps the environment at the same time.”