SoilCyclers MD Alison Price presented with ‘APC Woman of Waste’ award at Waste and Resource Recovery Awards in Sydney

SoilCyclers Managing Director Alison Price was thrilled to be granted the inaugural ‘APC Woman of Waste’ at last night’s Waste and Resource Recovery Awards in Sydney.

The award recognises a woman in the industry who drives positive change, leads the progress in breaking down barriers, and creates new career prospects for future generations.

“Thank you to Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia, Inside Waste AU and Anne Prince for choosing to recognise women and their growing contribution to our industry,” Alison said. 

“I would also like to say a very big thank you to Michael Bennett who was the reason I got started in this industry in 2009.”

“I am proud to say that SoilCyclers now has more than 30 per cent women in machinery operator roles, 40 per cent women overall and more than 60 per cent women on our management team.”